Portable Metal Hardness Tester PCE-900

Portable Metal Hardness Tester PCE-900

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Measuring range 200 ... 900 HL
Measuring accuracy ± 0.8% at HLD=900
Materials 9 common material presets 
Hardness scales Leeb: HL
Rockwell C: HRC
Rockwell B: HRB
Brinell: HB
Vickers: HV
Shore: HSD
Display 12.5 mm / 0.5" LCD with backlight
Impact probe Type D
Memory 50 data sets
Interface RS-232
Power supply 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Environmental conditions     Operating temperature: -10 ... 50°C / 14 ... 122°F
Storage temperature: -30 ... 60°C / -22 ... 140°F
Relative humidity: < 90%
Dimensions 142 x 77 x 40 mm / 5.59 x 3.03 x 1.58 in
Weight Device weight: ca. 130 g / < 1 lb
Probe weight: 75 g / < 1 lb
Cable length ca. 1.2 m / 3.9 ft

PCE-900 Portable metal hardness tester for metals
Measurement of tensile strength / 9 materials pre-calibrated / Conversion into 6 different hardness scales / 
Type D impact probe

The Leeb Portable Metal Hardness Tester PCE-900 measures the hardness of nine different metals using the Leeb rebound method. This means that with the hardness tester a firing pin bounces on a metallic surface and the intensity of the rebound is used as an indicator of the material hardness. The hardness tester PCE-900 measures the metal hardness in 6 different hardness scales, including: Rockwell, Vickers, Leeb, Brinell and Shore. A distinction is made between Rockwell B and C when measuring in the Rockwell scale. 

The Leeb hardness tester PCE-900 comes with a type D impact probe as standard. This probe can be used for many measurements. Via the data interface, the measured values can be transmitted live to the PC. The scope of supply is completed by an ISO calibration certificate which certifies the accuracy of the measuring device with traceability. This makes the PCE-900 Leeb hardness tester an important instrument in the field of material inspection in goods control.

- Hardness test by the rebound method
- 9 material presets
- Easy to handle
- ISO calibration certificate included
- Data interface
- Six different hardness scales
Incl. ISO calibration certificate


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