Pickup Today

(For eligible items only – Item Product Page will indicate whether the item is available for Pickup Today)

With DIYTOOLS’s PICKUP TODAY option, you can have what you're looking for as soon as today, not 3-4 days later.  How does it work?

  1. Your order must be received and confirmed by us before 1 pm for “Pickup Today”.
  2. You must choose Pickup Today option during check out.
  3. You must receive our confirmation letter.
  4. Items that have a "Pickup Today" are usually available for pick up 2 to 4 hours from time of email confirmation. Any Pickup Today order placed after 1 pm will be available for pick up the next day.
  5. Please mention DIYTOOLS Pickup Today and show our Customer Service your email confirmation when you arrive at the pickup location. Both soft copy or printed copy can be accepted for verification purposes.
  6. In the event where the purchaser is not able to be present for Pickup Today, the collection can be entrusted to anyone, as long as the entrusted person is able to present the confirmation email.

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